Urban Landscape Paintings

One of my favourite themes is urban landscape. I love to paint a busy city road or bustling street scene. I love the energy and the atmosphere which is created by the people who mill around and the weather. I love to paint night scenes and portray how artificial light plays around on wet buildings and floors.
New York is my favourite subject for playing around with artificial lights and Times Square is full of lights and advertisements. The streets are constantly moving and with people coming and going. I feel like I can go crazy painting Times Square making it as abstract as I like and still making it recognisable. I have been there three times so I use my own photographs for reference.
Liverpool is my home city and another of my favourite place to paint. I use photographs that photographer friends have taken as well as my own. I love creating drama in my Liverpool scenes and atmosphere created by the weather. The people are the most important part of Liverpool and bring it to life. Although the iconic buildings of Liverpool are characters themselves.
When I paint urban landscapes I usually start with a bright ground colour (usually pink or red) and then roughly in paint sketch out the scene. I’ll then go in with a pallet knife and block in all the dark areas. This is the base for when I put in the bright lights. Then I build up the scene using the pallet knife for sharp edges and dynamic angles. I try to use white last of all, I call this part ‘turning on the lights’. These are my small marks of brilliant white which hopefully bring the painting to life.

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