‘United By Art’ Monthly Challenge

There are numerous facebook pages dedicated to art where artists can upload work and members of the group can like or comment. My favourite ones include SAA (Society for All Artists) and United By Art. The latter have monthly challenges which I attempted in April but I was too late to submit. I was determined to submit something for the May challenge which was a photograph of four watering cans.

The challenge is open for interpretation and you can upload an image of your painting to the page anytime during the month. It is fascinating to see so many variations from the same reference photograph.

My idea was to make my colour scheme predominately greens and purples. Having a lack of time as many artists have with working a full time job, I thought I’d do it in my favourite quick and adaptable style of pen and watercolour.

I brought the original photograph into photoshop to adjust the hues from yellows and blues to the greens and purples I was after. This would provide a rough guide for when putting in the watercolour washes.

I like trying to paint something I which I wouldn’t chose. After I had done this challenge I was reasonably pleased with the finished result. I uploaded it to the United by Art Page and it was submitted into the monthly challenge. I received several nice comments and likes. To my surprise I was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ when the results were announced and given a certificate.

Theres nothing like a boost as this to lift your spirits as an artist. I have already submitted to the June competition, you never know…

I will do another blog on my sketching and painting work which has developed from the Inktober challenge 2016.

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