The Start Of A New Era…

I have started a new era in watercolours and hoping to find my style. I love using them but find them very challenging. I’m not letting that put me off, I’m looking for new things to paint.

I find because I keep having to wait for paint to dry (and using up paint) that I just keep starting another painting, so I end up with a few on the go.

So what I have on the go at the moment is …

A commisssion piece of a Koi Carpe. I did something similar last year and someone has commissioned me to do three. It’s a big challenge for me and had had me feeling queezy at the thought of it. However I have finally got going and I’m taking it in small steps.

A second piece on the go is a smaller A5 watercolour which will be a charity donation to Action Medical Reseach. I have donated a piece of art to this charity for the past two years and I was asked again for this year. The theme is Childhood Dreams/wishes. I have chose my favourite subject, my girl, which is going to make parting with it heartbreaking if it turns out well. I was originally thinking of painting her doing ballet dancing. But I came across a picture of her from years ago playing for the first time in thick snow outside out house. She has tossed a load of snow towards me and I caught the photograph with the snow falling around her with the look of joy on her face. I thought when I was younger I would wish for snow like this for half of the year. I still find myself wishing for loads of snow like this to play in. I find snow keeps a grown up young.

A third piece I have have on the canvas is for a competition in Paint magazine called ‘Our photo, Your painting’. This is a challenging subject because I’m struggling to connect with. It’s a group of sheep in a field. Nope, this city girl isn’t feeling it! And I will most likely scrap this 2nd attempt and start again – third time lucky! Watch this space


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