The ‘Crazy Colourist’ in me

Dear Mr P

I wanted to explain why I’ve been going a little bit crazy with colour. My latest work is usually based on 4 colours as I’m sure you have seen. These are CMYP cyan Magenta yellow and purple. I use these names as I’ve been graphic designing for over 20 years so that explains that doesn’t it. I’ve been playing with just these four colour for years now and I do love the colour combinations and merges I have been getting. I find I have now almost defined a style out of using colour alone which is interesting.

So my though process as I create a piece usually depends what it is and how my head translates a subject into my 4 colours. Of course I hate to be predictable but I do use purple or deep violet as a black for the dark areas. Sometimes I may leave out a colour or replace a colour with something else. This can bee seen in my Autumn series where I incorporated oranges and browns replacing cyan (blue). Using a yellow ocher rather than a lemon yellow which helps gives a feeling of cool harvest days. I think every painting of mine has pink and purple in. If there is a hidden meaning in that then I’d love to know what that means. Maybe its my trademark colour.

You may notice that although my work can be loud with the sight of colour, often there are quieter and more subtle areas. I like to do this to bring a bit of balance and harmony to my work. The process of creating needs to be fun though. As much as it tries to get attention through colour, tone and composition, it still needs some element of control and elegance.

Once I do a pen drawing I always think how boring it would be to leave it as it is. Even with my halloween inspired pieces recently I want to add more black with watercolour and maybe yellow for a tiny light in a window.

Anyway that’s my thoughts on my use of colour as crazy as it may look. I did so enjoy painting the picture of Liv recently. Even that got her little gasp of approval which is saying something these days.

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