Sunset on Babylon: Help for Heroes

I was approached by Elizabeth Husband regarding an exhibition she was putting together for Help for Heros. I was immediately interested in donating a piece of work as my husband had served with 4 Para.

I knew my souce of inspiration would be from the photobooks I had made several years earlier. I did these for my husband as a keep sake and would look back on for years to come. There are various images of his friends and the locals, natural poses and some funny pictures but all of them touching in some way.

I was drawn to several sunset photographs where it looked like the sky was on fire. There are soldiers silhouetted against the sun which I thought looked really powerful and thought provoking.

I really enjoyed creating this painting. I started with a yellow base leaving the brightest part of the sun as the blank canvas. I worked in oranges and burnt umber and built up from the lightest part to the darkest shades using some deep violet.

Once I had the sunset done I planned out the figures careful to leave some light hitting the two figures in front of the sun. Then I went over them making them really dark and defining details such as their headsets and equipment.

I really hoping it sells for a good price in the auction and raises some money for the charity. I’ll keep you posted

Vic x

Update: my painting has sold for £250 🙂

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