How I Painted ‘Summer Hut’

I did my summer hut drawing/painting for an online monthly competition for United By Art on Facebook (same as watering cans) and my picture won 3rd place! I was so happy with this so I decided to do a little write up about it.

I did the picture in my pen and watercolour style. I was conscious that I wanted the colours to be fresh and bright so I didn’t do too much heavy shading with the pen.

It was good to see how other artists adapted their work from the reference photo. I kept it similar but took out some detail on the left so the hut would be the focus. I also made sure I didn’t put detail into the surrounding trees but kept the foul at the hut and in front of it. I excluded a second chair which I felt was in the way of the doors. It is tempting to paint a photograph exactly as you see it. This was a good exercise for me to consider what I could leave out or move.

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