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An artist looking for a jumpstart, bolt of inspiration…

Hi all, I wanted to write a blog about a recent weekend trip to London. I say a ‘weekend’ it was really 24 hours in the capital city. All the time I was there I was thinking how all these surroundings could go into my eyes, come down into my hands and out into my art.

Only I’ve always been inspired to paint cityscapes as I’ve done loads of paintings of my home city Liverpool England. I’ve also painted New York from the trips I have had there so London seems like the next project to base a series of work on.

I read on the train down from Liverpool to Euston station (about 2 and a half hours), the April 2020 Artist and Illustrators magazine. Coincidently I came across an article by Grahame Booth on sketching and painting with the scene he used of Tower Bridge in London. Not realising that a few hours later I’d find myself in the exact same spot.

I didn’t take my sketch book and pencils as I wouldn’t be caught dead drawing in public (I will save that for another blog!) but I did take many photographs to use back in my studio.

I found myself there just as dusk was setting on a cold blustery February evening as the city lights had started to flicker and glow. THIS is what sparks my excitement in a cityscape. THIS is what make me mentally paint the scene and work out the challenges to see how I could do it. I love the ambience of a busy city at dusk I feel it brings so much life and excitement into view.

I spent several hours exploring the Tower with my other half. Both of us love history and it doesn’t get more historical than the Tower of London. We wandered around, queued, read and listed to the talks of this amazing place taking in as much as we could. We pretended we were holiday makers like everyone else having not one ounce of shame in being a tourist.

I’m charged up from being able to read and digest Artist and Illustrators magazine AND from my 24 hours in London. Nothing like a change of scenery to get the creative mind jump started with a kick of inspiration. Oh and the Crown Jewels were not too bad either!

One last thing I should mention is how chuffed I am to have negotiated our way from the hotel to Euston station: a train, 2 tube journeys and a hot flush later and then another 2 train rides to get back to Liverpool but much more relaxed, I’m hoping there will be a medal in the post for my achievement.

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