My ‘Creative’ Quest

I have stacks of books to read, several note books to fill, I have ideas for paintings and drawing , a dusty Spanish guitar I want to master, loads of piano sheet music I want to learn, flute music to re-learn, a website to figure, blogs to write, dozens of art books to study and many magazines to indulge. All these things make up ‘My Creative Quest’. 

Somehow I need to fit in 9 to 5 job, home life, commissions, shopping, housework, yoga (so I can get the perfect flexible body of course), meditation for my healthy mind and my scalding hot indulgent baths. There is a huge gaping hole where my ballroom and latin dance classes were (on Thursday and Saturday nights). It would also be nice to learn to bake a cake.

My question is this… am I the only one who is overwhelmed at a ‘things to do’ list and no time to do it all? How do you deal with it?

On writing out my one of my many ‘to do’ lists, I’ve realised that it’s the very fact I call it a ‘things to do’ list is the problem. What a dull, tedious and off putting phase! Things will never be ticked off, not for many years or possibly decades. The list will actually become my life’s work. They are millions of moments of doing small things to achieve in small snippets of time. They become bigger and more substantial over time like compounding creativity. I’m now going to call all these things on my to do list ‘My Creative Quest’. All these little creative moments are actually me enjoying life.

‘My Creative Quest’ is actually built up from trying and discovering things. What can I paint, draw, play, read, make, do? I achieved Gold bar 2 in ballroom dancing! Me! That was from 2 years, giving up 2 hours a week, to self indulge and be consumed in learning and trying.

There is no end goal to ‘My Creative Quest’ because it only ends when I do. I keep evolving and I keep enriching myself a little each day. I have no need to stress if I’m stagnate for a day or two. It’s my quest. My discoveries. As Craterface once said, “The rules are, there ain’t no rules”

I’m not an artist painting pretty pictures. I have mentally agonised over this for many years. What is my point?

‘My Creative Quest” is just me and my interests seeing what I can do and what I enjoy over my lifetime. I’m glad I’ve figured that out, it only took 40 years. However, I have another 40 years of ‘My Creative Quest’ (all being well). Better go… I’ve got things to do! Cake anyone?

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