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Hi All

Happy new year!

I’ve already had my birthday and got some art supplies as gifts (wahoo!) I will tell you about them in a min.

My plans this year…
Last year I was disappointed with how little work I produced. I felt like I couldn’t get going. I was busy with life but also suffered the trauma of loosing a dear friend who was a massive inspiration to me, Mike (Mr P) Purser. I always said to him I couldn’t paint if it wasn’t for him sparing me on. He had 100% faith and confidence in me and my abilities which always baffled me.

Mike had been ill for several weeks and I was nagging him like any surrogate daughter would to go the doctors. I was in Cyprus when I heard he had passed away and it was like the floor from beneath me had gone. I knew if I didn’t go and draw something or be creative I would give up completely. So with tears in my eyes and an aching heart, I went for a walk with my Dad with my sketchbook and pens and filled several pages with drawings like my life depended on it. I’ll never forget Mike words and I have the Facebook post to prove it… “When I’m gone I will be your guardian angel” and he is and I know he is there on my shoulder and I can hear him encouraging me.

The excitement my work gave him always amazed me. How did my art cause such enthusiasm in another human being? I have no idea but I would like to figure this out one day. I always paint for totally selfish reasons…because I want to and because it makes me happy. If other people like and appreciate them then that is a bonus and gives me a massive buzz.

January is my birthday month and I have got some fabulous art supplies to try out. I’ve got some brilliant quality watercolour paper, brushes and some Windsor and Newton watercolour paints. I have already been sloshing painting all over the spare room and done some time lapse videos of them. I also received some Faber-Castell fine line pens which are a dream. So I will be trying them out very soon.

So with Mike on my shoulder I’m starting the year thinking positively and confidently. I have several projects lined up and ideas I want to explore. I am making and hopefully sticking to long term and short term goals. More than anything I will aim to be more productive. Time to stop thinking and start doing.

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