Latest sketches of my girl

Hi All

Just a quick update on what I’m up to this week.

I have almost come to the end of my art history home study course. I have just two assignments left to complete which I am on with doing and they are going quite well.

I haven’t managed to find any time to paint but I have been sketching away on a series of drawing of my daughter. I love drawing my girl because she is so full of energy and love she is my obsession. I even have drawings of her framed in my house. I always work from photographs and draw to A3 or A4 size. I take my time with sketching to get it as good as I can usually a little bit each night and always checking with her for approval. She doesn’t like me drawing her because she says I make her look old (ha ha oops).

Let me know what you think of my progress so far…


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