Latest purchase: an original watercolour by Steven Rigby

I love creating art but equally I love looking at other people’s work. It is a very special honour to own an original piece of somebody’s work whom I really admire.

I wanted to write about a piece of art I recently bid on via facebook and won. It was for the Manchester City United appeal. I love the work of this artist and have been following his work via facebook for a while so I’m thrilled to own a piece of his work.

Steven Rigby is a watercolorist based in southport. The style of his watercolours are loose and free flowing with a limited pallet. His work is mostly atmospheric scenes from his travels which is exactly what I love. His work looks effortless like a scene has emerged out of paint pushed around on paper. However I’m well aware of the skill and talent involved from years of painting and handling this difficult medium.

What I love most about Steves work is the light that is captured on mostly dull and damp scenes. It is almost sparkles on the paper and draws the eye into the painting. I also love the lost and found edges in Steves work. It is enough detail to allow the mind to wonder and draw the viewer into the scene. I love paintings to have a bit of mystery and wonder about them and at the same time full of interesting shapes and movement. I love that’s Steve’s style of watercolour painting stands out from a lot of contemporary watercolourists.

Please have a look at Steve’s work on Facebook ….. Steve’s work is also at Liverpool Art Fair at the Pierhead 8th July – 9th September 2017

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