Introducing… The Butterfly Artist – where are you all?

Since my last blog I’ve thought about how I want to develop as an artist. I’m one of those who over thinks things and ends up getting nothing done but just left feeling completely frustrated. As I mentioned I’m not having that this year, I’m going to be productive.

I’m going to blog as much as I can this year to help with this development of myself as an artist. Sitting here on my lunch hour it occurred to me I’m like a butterfly … I’m a ‘butterfly artist’. Because I flit around (artistically) here and there, using different media and painting different subjects but not getting very far. Not progressing much. I seem to just be doing odd bits here and there. Also I can be gone for a while and suddenly come back. I don’t stick with the same subject long enough to produce and body of work which would possibly lead to exhibiting.

I have folders and boxes of a mish mash of things I thought were interesting to paint. I assume there are millions of artists like me who struggle with a focus for their work, along with lack of time, energy, and no inspiration on our doorstep. However the need to paint or draw is so strong that not doing it for a length of time will send you mad from ‘thinking’ about being creative. I find it easy to read blogs and books how other artists are doing it but I can not live artistically as the professionals do if I have 40 mins lunch and possibly and hour of an evening. Where are those who are struggling? Where are those who have everything against them and still do it because you have to? I want to hear all about you…

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