Inktober challenge

Hi all,

I have been doing the Inktober challenge this month. The challenge is to draw an ink drawing everyday for the month of October and share it on twitter, intagram and Facebook with the hashtags.

I tried this challenge last year and didn’t last very long. I think my problem was I just didn’t know what to draw. Also I has high expectations of myself and when things didn’t go to plan it got me really frustrated.

This year it has been going great. I haven’t struggled for subject matter I just knew what I wanted to draw from holidays and trips I had been on this year. I think it helped that I had already been doing a few pen and ink drawing and I knew I had a load more ideas I wanted to draw but probably didn’t have the time. I’m finding Inktober the idea opportunity to get all these drawings that I want to have a go at and get them all done.

So far I have sketched scenes from my trip to Larnica in Cyprus, landscapes from Constitution hill and the castle ruins in Aberystwyth. From a trip to Conway castle I did drawings on site facing my fear of people looking at my as they walk by.

I have been mostly drawing on my lunch break in work and finishing them off of an evening why in bed. They can take 1-2 hours and I don’t draw them any bigger than A5 otherwise they would take forever to finish.

Once the challenge is complete I will upload them all together and see how I have done and if I have got anything from it. If nothing else I have be creating art on a daily basis so that can’t be bad.

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