Mikes favourite painting

Letters to Mr P – explained

Dear Mr P

I do hope you don’t mind but I’ve come upon a light bulb idea – to publish my letters to you as blog posts on my website. It makes perfect sense to me because one – you have better access to it (being the cyber angel you are as well as a regular angel) and two – because I know you would approve of me sharing our one way conversation with the world. This way we get to stay in touch and I also have my little voice in the big wide world.

For those who have had the misfortune of having not met you, I suppose I should mention a bit more about you and your impact on my life.

My biggest fan and kindest friend
It was a good few years ago when I first met you (Mr P). At a wonderful little art gallery in Bootle Liverpool of all places. You travelled all the way from Leeds for a preview night. We hit it off instantly and I knew we were destined to have a deep bond forever. Buying so much work from me, I half joked you would have to build an extra wing to accommodate it. Anytime I felt at a low ebb, you always helped me through and encouraged me to find my muse. Little did you know that you were and are my muse.

To this day I still display your beautiful card which I cherish. You have written “When I’m gone I will be an angel on your shoulder”… and there you are. Always whispering words of encouragement. I sense something above me when I draw or paint. It is you. I think of you like Tinkerbell, hovering over me. My personal cheerleader. There’s absolutely no doubt this is true.

So who is or was Mr P (Mike Purser)? In life he was the most amazing, supportive, caring, fun gentleman you could ever wish for in a friend. In spirit he is my guardian angel, guiding me though life and my art journey.

Mikes favourite painting
Mike’s favourite painting of mine which he often imagined being in the cafe.

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