Illustration Commissions

All my illustration work is in pen and watercolour and can be supplied in hi res jpeg or A4 hard copy (unframed)

Price Guide:
Commissioned work:
Single illustrations supplied as Jpegs = £20 each
10+ illustrations supplied a Jpegs = £15 each
To purchase a commissioned, A4 original illustration = £50 each

Lockdown Uniform and Accessories.
Thought I’d share my Lockdown uniform and accessories, wondering if anyone else can relate.
Looking forward to wearing workwear and make up one sweet day…

Since the lockdown, I have been making daily illustrations of my new work-life based at home. I often look back on the day and assess little ‘interesting’ moments, which I use for inspiration to scribble and paint illustrations in the evenings. I try to inject some humour to my social media pages to ‘lighten the mood’. I see this as a way to help my own and my followers mental health during hard times. I think it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously.

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The new shared office.
So the office work space shared with the boyfriend is an even 80:20 split.
Flowtech Fluid Power v Bank of New York.
Working from home and random stretches.
Good thing about working from home … I can get up and do some stretches or yoga for my stiff back.
My Dream Dance…
I’d be dancing the cha cha cha with some dancer (it’s all about me in my fantasy!).
It would probably be
Proud Mary by Tina Turner (as Alexandra Burke in Strictly) I’d have the best Tina Turner inspired
gold swishy dress on. I wouldn’t have a scruffy plat in my hair tho, what’s that all about!
This may need a rethink!
Ahhhhh such a happy place in my head.
Flat Pack HELL!!!
Anyone else plummeted into flat pack hell from an Argos spending spree?
I don’t even have time to assemble any of it.
At least I have my new wedge cushion for when all this puts my back out.
Moving all the furniture EVERY Saturday morning.
Livs tap and ballet classes as a zoom meeting resume today.
It’s like a military operation to move all the furniture and ‘stuff’ around to have floor space to dance.
Finally able to get a couple of hours in my art studio.
My dream job.
If only I could spend all day like this, giving my lower back and leg some relief from nerve pain.
My new big wedge pillow is a godsend!
Break time.
Afternoon break time in the canteen with the girls in work…
is now afternoon break on the door step with the boyfriend.
Things you can do while working at home…
sitting in the garden, having a healthy lunch, reading my kindle and
pretending I’m looking out at a beach.
For Sale £50: Hollywood Kiss
A3, pen and watercolour
For Sale £50: From house to car
A3, pen and watercolour
Walking home
A3, pen and watercolour
For Sale £50: 20’s Flapper
A3, pen and watercolour