Honing in on my niche

If someone was to ask me ‘what is my niche?’ I think I would be stumped. It is for this reason, this year I’m trying to “hone-in” on my favourite subjects to paint with my favourite medium. I’m guessing it’s as straightforward as that. 

My problem is I have painted so many different things over the years and because I’m always curious with the mediums I use, in my opinion – my work never seems to sit long enough to be defined and develop into a distinct style. The last few years I have been mostly painting commissions. I’ve also painted the things that have inspired me, but I have gone off on various tangents. It is possibly the reason I get so many random commissions because I haven’t “honed in” on my niche so people assume I’ll have a go at anything – and I usually do. Catch 22? 

I have come up with guidance for myself because I can’t seem to find the help I’m after from any resources. Being a keen Instagramer, my account is dedicated to my art and a touch of my life. I find looking at my images is a perfect summary of what I have been doing all these years (bar the odd selfie with paintbrush in hand). As I feared it is a mish-mash of everything but is there a style to it? I assume so. I can pick up on other people’s styles in a split second but with my own work I find it really difficult to distinguish. 

My plan going forward is keep to my preferred medium which is mix media of watercolours, pen drawing and acrylic paint. My style is a mix of abstract water colours with detailed tonal pen drawings over laid. 

I have decided to choose 3 main subjects to focus on. This is allow me to do different things and keep interested but should also allow me to hone-in on what I love to paint. I’m wondering is it ok not to have a niche or should I have something which is my speciality. 

So for me I will be exploring… Cityscapes – (specifically architecture) Pets – (specifically dogs) Still-lifes (not sure what to explore yet!) As well as this I’m going to create daily Illustrations of my life and work as a fun thing to do and to help people engage with me. Its all work in progress and I’m in no rush

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