Holiday Sketching

With it being holiday season I thought I’d do a little blog about sketching on holiday and how I go about it. On a family holiday abroad my main focus is chilling out in the sun next to the pool with my kindle or some art magazines. However I do like to go exploring in search of a little nature, culture or just something that’s asking to be sketched.

I aim to take as little equipment as possible on holiday. A sketch book, pencils and pens is usually about it. This year I will take some watercolours with me and see if I get a chance to add some colour to my sketches.

The way I work on holiday is I will do various sketches on family walks or days out. I will keep them quite rough and unfinished so I can get more done. I will take photographs of anything I draw so I can refer to later. I will spend time (usually before I go to bed) finishing off line drawings, adding tone and hopefully on this holiday also some watercolour.

I will use these sketches and photographs to do a painting when I’m back home and it’s all a distant memory. It’s a good way to keep the holiday feeling alive for a little longer until Autumn kicks in.

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