Goodbye 2015 – Hello 2016!

I’d like to thank everyone for following my progress on my little art journey in the last few years. I’ve recently published a selection of photographs of my paintings on Facebook as I like to see a summary of my best work from the past year. I didn’t think I had done very much as I had periods of doing very little art, family life and work has kept me very busy. My favourite painting from 2015 is Sunset at Babylon. Not only because it sold at auction for Help the Heroes but because it something totally different to what that I usually do. I just like that it’s simple but effective. I believe it portrays the feelings I wanted it to.

Regarding my subject matter, I think for 2016 I’m going to try and hone in on cityscapes and urban landscape. I often find myself going off on tangents which is good but I never seem to gather a collection worthy of an exhibition. So 2016 I shall be building my portfolio of Liverpool city scenes. My city is my first love however I’m starting the year off with a trip to the Big Apple so expect a flurry of New York scenes too.

I’ve got no plans to hold a solo exhibition but I will be creating work for a future event to be revealed. Do get in touch regarding any of my paintings or a commission. Regarding commissions please bare in mind that although I love to have a go at whatever inspires me I mainly see myself as an urban landscape artist.

Thank you again for following me and commenting on my work, it means a lot to me.
Best wishes for 2016
love Vicky xx


Above image is of a painting I did of snowy Paris for a Christmas present.

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