Exploring the spontaneous route – to plan or not to plan?

From reading a letter in the March 2020 issue of Leisure Painter by Marlene Griffin, she raised the point of do we plan out our work to the finest detail or do we paint in a spontaneous manor. Raising the question do we dream it or plan and scheme it?

My interest in watercolours has lead me from being really detailed and tight, to loose and abstract. I have changed my way of painting because I wanted to paint loose and make interesting patterns with colours. I also felt it would lead me to a greater understanding of watercolours, but I never want to feel that I’m controlling them too much. I enjoy seeing happy accidents emerging, interesting effects occurring and colours running into each other. This is what makes every piece of work totally unique.

I feel there should be an element of planning involved even if it’s just what do I want to get out of this painting? I think planning the details out of a piece kills the joy and excitement of the end result. Having said this I like to have some idea of where I’m going with a piece and what steps I will take before I declare it complete.

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