End of my Art History course

Hi All

I’m very excited to be sending in my last assignment on my home study course – Art History. It’s not been as exciting as the other home study course I have done because it has been written assignments. A lot of the time I was stuck for what to write and what I thought I was suppose to write. The reason I chose this course was because I wanted to be able to talk about paintings and analyse them and come to understand what artists are trying to say through their art. Ultimately to help myself understand what I want to achieve through my work. I feel I can understand art a little more and have more confidence in myself.

What next….

I think I’ll have a little rest from the studying and catch up on a few ideas I want to develop and explore. Also I have a few commissions I need to get on with. I definitely want to do another home study course possibly watercolours or dare I say portraits. These are areas I would love to develop my skills and see where I could go with the medium and subject matter.

I highly recommend studying via the London art collage home study course. I find the feed back comes though quite quick and always very useful and clearly written.


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