My Process of Dabbling in mixed media

I finally got my head around drawing with a fine liner pen last October while doing the Inktober challenge. Since then I have made a decision to do more sketches in my sketch book and I have stuck with using a pen. This now has developed further and I’m making more completed pieces of work. This is especially useful for me if I don’t have time to do something on a canvas.

This is how I work:
I find using a pen quite liberating as I keep it rough so in my head there is no fear about it being perfect and so it doesn’t put me off drawing in the first place. My technique is quite scratchy and more tonal than a basic line drawing. My sketches start off really light, the pen barely scratching the paper to make the initial line drawing. I build it up from there adding in as much detail as I want. Once I’m happy I start darkening areas and make it tonal using cross hatching and scratchy, hurried marks.

It will probably take an hour or so over two or three days to complete. I keep it no bigger than A4 or I will be bored before I finished it. Then once I feel I can go no further I do very loose watercolour washes over the drawing. These are not just flat washes. I consider tonal values of what I want to highlight.

I have done several drawing/paintings in this way and I’m really getting into the technique and using mixed media. It started off as a way to do doing quick pen sketches for daily sketching so I could fit it into my daily routine. Now I find myself wanting to do more developed drawings and add in watercolours they are becoming more than just quick sketches.

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