‘Castle and ruins’ for my next theme

I’m thinking about exploring the theme of castles and castle ruins taking my inspiration from my favourite painting in the Walker Art Gallery ‘The Ruins of Holyrood Chapel’ by Daguerre.

This year I’ve visited castle ruins in Aberystwyth, Lancaster Castle and have a planned visit to Conway Castle next month where I plan to take my sketch book. So I think I can come up with some sketches for paintings and hopefully create some atmospheric paintings. I have also visited various ruins while abroad over the years so I’m sure I can dig out some photographs for reference.

I remember when visiting Rhodes town on the island of Rhodes I was in awe of the old town. It was lively and busy and it felt like we had gone back in time. I have already done several paintings from that trip. I would like to explore using texture with acrylics for future paintings on this theme. And also play with the light to create added interest.

Look out for some (V rough) sketches I did in Aberystwyth in June 2016

Thanks for reading

V x

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