Book Cover Illustration for Horror Novel

New horror novel Live Hate Die by Victoria Murray
The latest exciting project I have been involved with is producing the artwork for the cover of a book. It was written by up and coming author Victoria Murray (Vicky) who I happen to work with. Vicky ear marked me as a test reader which I was very keen on and I spent months asking/nagging when will it be ready. I read the book on its first draft and I couldn’t put it down. So when Vicky asked me to do the cover I jumped at the chance.
We both sat down and talked through possible ideas and visuals that would work without giving anything away of the story. Vicky collected images of inspiration on Pinterest and I set to work on some rough charcoal sketches. The one Vicky was drawn to was the only picture with a bit of red which I used for blood on the window frame.
Using this rough sketch I started to plan out the charcoal drawing using watercolour paper. After I planned it out I realised it wasn’t going to have enough space around it so I started in again on fine quality watercolour paper. I used watercolour paper because I liked the rough texture from it.
I knew I was going to do the window and have some brickwork showing. I wanted to add some overgrown trees and branches and blend it out towards the edges making it quite dark. I was also aware about having enough space for the title and name which would go over the top so Vicky (also graphic designer) to play about with the graphics in Photoshop.
We are both pleased with the result and I look forward to illustrating more of her writing. I highly recommend Vicky’s debut novel Live Hate Die to fans of horror or supernatural which is available on kindle. She also has a short story out called Men of The City which is a fabulous gory read.

There is a video on my Facebook page ( of me working on the cover illustration although I keep most of it covered because at the time it was top secret. Please check out Vickys website and Live Hate Die is available on Amazon kindle £1.99
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