A Gift of Art by Vicky Dolan

Thought I’d write a little blog telling you about my ideas of giving someone a piece of original art for as a gift.

Art is a personal preference and there are no ‘one size fits all’. The subject matter is key whether is a beloved family pet or a beach where you were proposed to. It can mean so much more to a certain person.

I have painted many pet portraits over the last few years and I always think about how happy the person will be at the other end, when they receive their gift of their companion, immortalised in a work of art. Thinking as I work, of my gorgeous dogs my family and I have had to say goodbye to. I have painted beautiful people who have been taken from this world. I think about their families who have been left behind with such sad loss. I feel glad I can help keep their spirit alive I the hearts of families with their portraits walls. I paint portrait and think about them, their favourite song, their favourite colour or their laughter, that’s what I hope to encompass in the completed picture. 

My recent work is a combination of detailed pen drawings and abstract watercolour back grounds. I love this combination as it allows a spontaneous feel and make ever piece completely unique and bespoke so that not even I could do an exactly replica of any of my work. At the same time I draw my pieces naturally in my own pen style. I don’t force any realism or impressionistic qualities. 

I allow the production of my work to be how my brain and hand determine following from ideas and forms developing as I go. I love the fact I can turn basic ‘pen and wash’ materials into something substantial and worthy of being framed and displayed on a wall. The act of making art is thrilling, challenging and satisfying and this is what I want my work to convert no matter what I’m painting.

I take on commissions all year round although I have had a little break this year because of health issues. If you think you know of someone who would love a bespoke piece of my work please get in touch. I would love to create it for you. 

Click on this link to go and see more examples of my work online Gallery on my website:

Pet Portraits on my website:

Alternatively I can do you a personalised voucher for FREE and post it to you so you can give it as a gift. Once they are ready, you can arrange with me a commissioned piece at a later date. Just drop me a message 

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Price guide is as follows:
Pen and watercolour A4  = £60     A3  = £90    A2  = £120 (unframed)

I hope this blog has provided you with a deeper understanding of the meaning behind my work and how you can give it as a unique gift for a special occasion 

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